Pew Bows: Instead of using white, use ribbon with a printed fall theme, or a solid color edged in gold. You can hang ivy or garlands of leaves along the pews. Don't forget to use your fall theme on your programs too. In light of the fact that autumn is such a varied season, your only limit is your imagination. You can use any of the elements that you enjoy, and your wedding and reception should reflect them. 

Enjoy those bold rich colors!

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Your flowers should keep with the fall color-scheme. You could have a wonderfully rich bouquet of not just red, orange or rust-colored roses, but you could also include deep colors of Gerber Daisies, Dahlias, Mums, Apricot Lilies, Rust/Burgundy hydrangea and Chrysanthemums. You can also include fall leaves, berries, or even miniature pinecones!

Flower girls can wear wreaths of these flowers and leaves in their hair. Instead of your flower girl dropping petals, they could drop leaves.

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Lace is a classic and elegant fabric that is always in fashion. Slim dresses are still around, however the full princess looking skirt is back. Bolder looks for fall, including treated fabric are everywhere. This means heavier looking fabric, creating again, the full looking dress. We are also seeing a lot of details on the back of the gown. Whether exposed with detailed stitching or beading, the back has become the new front.

As for your gown and headpiece/hair style, there are a lot of factors that determine the best styles, so they are quite personal. However, your wedding mood, location and season can affect your choices. 


Wedding attendants can wear colors that reflect those of the season. It may be cooler in the evenings, so have the gowns made from a heavier fabric such as brocade or velvet or have a wrap.

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A Fall-themed invitation is a wonderful way to set the tone of your wedding from the very start. Fall-themed invitations often include a pattern of fall leaves, fruits, or ivy, printed or embossed on them. The invitation should clearly indicate the mood of the event.

  • A picturesque painting of a Fall scene
  • A photograph of you both taken last fall in your favorite outside spot
  • A card with a single dried leaf mounted on the front 
  • Colored invitations with accents of fall leaves in gold, green and rust colors.

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From this day on, you have the opportunity to live better. From this day on, you can make every choice a positive one.

By now you have learned what matters and what doesn't. Over and over again, you've experienced what brings valuable results and what doesn't.
Today, and every day after, you can put that experience to good use. Informed and inspired by the living of life, you can act to benefit yourself and your whole world.

From this day on, you can make good use of the possibilities in each moment. From this day on, you can be driven by your highest purpose.


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When deciding what kind of summer wedding theme you want to have, think of warm summer locales or ideas that inspire romance - flowers, the beach, a picnic, a backyard barbeque, an English garden, a Tuscan villa, etc. Choose decorations, flowers and invitations that correspond to the theme.
With long, lazy days and lengthy, breathtaking sunsets, take advantage of the summer sunlight. For a casual wedding, plan a mid-afternoon tea luncheon while light is plentiful. For more dramatic romance, exchange vows on a serene evening as the sun sinks into the West.

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Summer's best bets in the flower market are colorful, hearty blooms from the lily, orchid, daisy, and dahlia families that burst onto the scene with warmth and grace. Roses can give a very traditional summer wedding feel as well as Sunflowers are perfect for the modern summer wedding. Choose summer wedding flowers that are white, full of color, airy, or solid. Choose flowers that are naturally in season in the summer. Bright clashing colours and wild flowers look great too! No matter which you choose, each of these summer flowers is bursting with decorating potential.

  • Calla Lilies
    These funnel-shaped, elegant flowers aren't really a flower at all. Most available from March through June, they come in a small variety of colors that range from pure white to orange to dark magenta. Currently very popular flowers for wedding bouquets, also use this dramatic flower as the focal point of centerpieces, or singly for bridesmaids to carry.
  • Dendrobium Orchids
    These delicate, six-petaled beauties are tropical flowers of summer that are least expensive during the months from April to August. Available in a variety of colors from simple to truly exotic, dendrobiums make exquisite additions to your hair, corsages and boutonierres. In addition, you can sprinkle over tables, down the aisle, or add to centerpieces for a heavenly floral arrangement.
  • Dahlias
    Available in a variety of rich colors and easiest to get in the summer and early fall, these full-bodied blooms laden with petals are great stock flowers for centerpieces, pew decorations, and other sturdy arrangements.
  • Daisy
    Blooming from May to July, these classic wedding flowers represent hope, purity, and innocence. Whether mixed with greens in a bridal bouquet, placed in bud vases for airy centerpieces, or hand-tied in minibouquets for the bridesmaids, add the joy of daisies to your summer wedding celebration.
  • Chrysanthemum
    Daisy's spiny-bloomed cousin is also most readily available during the long, hot months of summer. This airy flower with narrow petals comes in a much wider range of color than the classic daisy, and looks beautiful in bouquets, centerpieces, and decorations.
  • Baby's Breath
    Each stem is bursting with tiny white blossoms on this summertime flower used as filler for bouquets, centerpieces, corsages, and boutonierres. Although most florists carry it the whole year through, if you're thinking of doing your own flowers or want to choose from a local garden, baby's breath is in full bloom in the garden from May - August.

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Create your cake with a summer theme.

Instead of flowers made of icing, ask your baker to decorate with fresh flowers instead (use loose rose petals or a garland of fresh flowers around each tier), or ask about sugar-coated fresh flowers, which add an extra sparkle to the natural beauty of fresh flora. Decorate the cake with fresh fruits like lemons, limes, or grapes for a garden theme; maybe have a cake shaped like sunshine (Grooms Cake). Have your baker use latticework icing patterns on the cake for a gazebo effect, or decorate with seashells and starfish for a nautical beach theme. Have a chocolate wedding cake and serve it for dessert with fresh cream and summer berries or opt for a white chocolate cake instead of dark to keep with the light colour scheme and to complement the floral arrangements.

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When guests are coming from out of town, show your appreciation with a little extra hospitality. Offer to arrange accommodations for their stay. Try to spend time with them before the ceremony, because you may not get much of a chance afterwards.  If they arrive a day or two before the wedding, have them help you with last minute errands. You may want to include them in the rehearsal dinner party.

If you are expecting many close family members and friends from out of town that you don't get a chance to see often, consider giving yourselves one day to visit and relax before taking off on your honeymoon. It can be fun to get together the following day for brunch and to relive the wedding or open some gifts. The extra time spent with you will be well appreciated.


Welcome gifts are a wonderful way to extend a special thank-you to those guests who have traveled long distances to join you on your big day, and there are lots of options to choose from beyond the standard fruit basket. With a little extra time and energy, you'll be able to pull together a present that brings a smile to your travelers' faces without placing a sizable dent in your wallet. Whether you opt for humorous, helpful, or just plain delicious, you will ensure that your friends and family remember the wonderful time they had at your wedding, not the stress and aggravation of the preceding journey.


Put together a local survival kit; containing all of the information your guests might need for their short stay. Some items to include:

  • Directions to the nearest sundries shop if there isn't one in the hotel
  • Menus from local restaurants
  • A list of taxi and car services, including phone numbers or provide for them
  • Brochures for local amusements
  • Maps and guides for local public transportation -- include directions to the closest pickup points
  • Directions to the nearest same-day dry cleaners (accidents happen)
  • Local sources for fax, email, and FedEx (work doesn't always stop because you get married)
  • Driving instructions from hotel to rehearsal, from the hotel to wedding and reception locations and back again.

Food for Thought
A gift tailored to your friend or family member's individual tastes will often speak louder than a generic snack pack -- no matter how extravagant. A chocoholic might be thrilled to find a plate full of gooey brownies waiting with ice-cold milk upon arrival. If your out-of-town guest list is too extensive to afford such personal attention, consider gift baskets stocked with local goodies to give your guests a taste of the area.

Stress Relief
Think about greeting your guests with an assortment of spa products geared towards soothing their tired aching bodies. Things to be included: aromatherapy, colorful bath salts, a mud mask for the face, and perhaps a gift certificate for a mini-massage -- if hotel offers.

The Best Medicine
You don't expect your wedding to be a solemn affair, so why not start the merriment early by greeting your arriving guests with a gift of the giggles-- the bride and groom's favorite hangover remedy.  Put together a welcome basket that will prepare your loved ones to dance the night away at your reception. Stock the basket with vitamins, herbal energy boosters and nutrition drinks to fortify your guests for the party to come. Add an eye mask, aspirin, and some recommended steps for post-party recovery to send the message that your wedding will be as much about fun as formality.

Mother's Helper
If your guests will be arriving with small children, why not greet their parents with a little post-travel relief? Prepare a kid's activity pack with age-specific games and activities, extra large boxes of crayons and travel versions of board games these will keep the little ones busy while their parents take a well-earned rest.





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Ahhh…love is in the air. The grass is getting greener, the flowers are starting to bloom and the weather is warming up. That's right, it's SPRINGTIME!  Spring is the preferred time of year to get married for it can be so romantic and colorfully festive. 

Flowers:  Many types of flowers are more abundant during the spring. Spring blooming flowers such as: rainbow tulips, daffodils, irises, narcissus, lily-of-the-valley, pussy willows, hyacinths, crocus, forsythia, daisies, Easter lilies and of course the beautiful rose.  New trends for flowers: floral balls instead of bouquets for bridesmaids or flower girls.  Bouquets are small, compact with simple elegance, all one type of flower, and tied loosely with a beautiful ribbon or two different shades of ribbon.

Themes:  If your wedding is near Easter, you could use chocolate bunnies or eggs in mini baskets with ribbon for favors.  Easter-egg feather tree centrepieces, fabulous floral (3-5 tiers) wedding cakes, using various shades of green mosses, votive candles and low succulent plants.  Butterflies-either live releases after ceremony-or seen as a decorative element on purses, on hair jewelry and printed on wedding invitations.  You can use heart-shaped wedding rice, it's biodegradable, safe for animals and not slippery. Divide rice into tiny bags and pass out to guests as they leave the ceremony.  You can take a plain white purse and glue on, flat silk flowers or butterflies.  Scatter spring-colored jellybeans or pastel mints on each table instead of the typical metallic confetti. For an evening reception, light the way for guests with wedding luminaries.

Colors:  The colors of spring flowers always seem to influence the color trends.  This year will be no different, as lilac/lavender, daisy or light yellow, lime green, ivory & white, celadon, icy blue/periwinkle, light pink and gold are hot colors for weddings and for bridesmaids dresses.  Metallic shine continues to be popular; especially since most bridesmaid dresses are already satin.  Some designers are also getting bolder; using the bright sherbet colors of mango and raspberry, which should carry right through into summer.

Spring tends to be the time of year when colors make a splash and the winter 'blues' fade. Choose a pastel pink, yellow or blue for your colors. Have your bridesmaids wear soft pink, yellow, lilac or blue gowns. These pastel colors look fabulous on almost every type of girl. Use pastel colored flowers in their bouquets.


Give your guests flower seeds for favors. Many online wedding vendors carry handmade paper cards with seeds imbedded in them. Guests can plant the seeds at the appropriate time of year and always remember your special day.

Use flower shaped candles as favors. Many craft stores offer floating candles in a variety of shapes such as: roses, sunflowers, daisies, carnations or butterflies.

Sprinkle multi-colored rose petals on your wedding cake or on the tables for a festive spring look. You can buy silk or real petals in bulk and fill the tables with color. Fill in between the dishes and glasses with different colored flowers and greens, or pastel Jordan almonds. You could also add a large dish of colorful, fresh fruit to each table. Your guests would love a bite of fresh strawberries, peaches, kiwi, or watermelon.

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