Spring Weddings

Ahhh…love is in the air. The grass is getting greener, the flowers are starting to bloom and the weather is warming up. That's right, it's SPRINGTIME!  Spring is the preferred time of year to get married for it can be so romantic and colorfully festive. 

Flowers:  Many types of flowers are more abundant during the spring. Spring blooming flowers such as: rainbow tulips, daffodils, irises, narcissus, lily-of-the-valley, pussy willows, hyacinths, crocus, forsythia, daisies, Easter lilies and of course the beautiful rose.  New trends for flowers: floral balls instead of bouquets for bridesmaids or flower girls.  Bouquets are small, compact with simple elegance, all one type of flower, and tied loosely with a beautiful ribbon or two different shades of ribbon.

Themes:  If your wedding is near Easter, you could use chocolate bunnies or eggs in mini baskets with ribbon for favors.  Easter-egg feather tree centrepieces, fabulous floral (3-5 tiers) wedding cakes, using various shades of green mosses, votive candles and low succulent plants.  Butterflies-either live releases after ceremony-or seen as a decorative element on purses, on hair jewelry and printed on wedding invitations.  You can use heart-shaped wedding rice, it's biodegradable, safe for animals and not slippery. Divide rice into tiny bags and pass out to guests as they leave the ceremony.  You can take a plain white purse and glue on, flat silk flowers or butterflies.  Scatter spring-colored jellybeans or pastel mints on each table instead of the typical metallic confetti. For an evening reception, light the way for guests with wedding luminaries.

Colors:  The colors of spring flowers always seem to influence the color trends.  This year will be no different, as lilac/lavender, daisy or light yellow, lime green, ivory & white, celadon, icy blue/periwinkle, light pink and gold are hot colors for weddings and for bridesmaids dresses.  Metallic shine continues to be popular; especially since most bridesmaid dresses are already satin.  Some designers are also getting bolder; using the bright sherbet colors of mango and raspberry, which should carry right through into summer.

Spring tends to be the time of year when colors make a splash and the winter 'blues' fade. Choose a pastel pink, yellow or blue for your colors. Have your bridesmaids wear soft pink, yellow, lilac or blue gowns. These pastel colors look fabulous on almost every type of girl. Use pastel colored flowers in their bouquets.


Give your guests flower seeds for favors. Many online wedding vendors carry handmade paper cards with seeds imbedded in them. Guests can plant the seeds at the appropriate time of year and always remember your special day.

Use flower shaped candles as favors. Many craft stores offer floating candles in a variety of shapes such as: roses, sunflowers, daisies, carnations or butterflies.

Sprinkle multi-colored rose petals on your wedding cake or on the tables for a festive spring look. You can buy silk or real petals in bulk and fill the tables with color. Fill in between the dishes and glasses with different colored flowers and greens, or pastel Jordan almonds. You could also add a large dish of colorful, fresh fruit to each table. Your guests would love a bite of fresh strawberries, peaches, kiwi, or watermelon.

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